Dave’s books

How to Do Everything with Your Digital Camera
How to Do Everything with Your Digital Camera is the book I wrote to be a definitive guide to digital photography. It covers how to use your camera, compose great photos make best use of your flash, and then what to do with you pictures afterwards. There are chapters dedicated to simple image editing, making minor corrections to your shots, as well as more advanced (and fun) special effects. The new (2008) edition has chapters dedicated to point and shoot cameras and Digital SLRs, plus cool tricks like compositing, panoramas, geopositioning, and high dynamic range.

The Shutterfly Guide to Great Digital Photos
If you are a fan of the Shutterfly web site and you’re looking for a fast and easy guide to digital photography, consider The Shutterfly Guide to Great Digital Photos. Like my more comprehensive book How to Do Everything with your Digital Camera, it has chapters on composition, portraiture, action photos, and family photos — but has special sections on getting the most out of Shutterfly for printing and sharing your photos.

The Wild Cookie
The Wild Cookie was my first published fiction, and I’m very proud to announce that it’s available as an interactive CD-ROM for Windows. A few years ago, my kids love clicking through the story to see what crazy stuff the Wild Cookie was up to, and it helped them master reading skills at the same time. My daughter, now a teen, is still intrigued enough to check it out occasionally. I hope your kids enjoy it just as much as mine did. While you’re nosing around, you might also want to go to the official Wild Cookie web site.

Robot Invasion
In my highly scientific opinion, robots are, like, totally awesome. But you don’t have to take my word for it; using this book, you can make your own. In Robot Invasion, I give you step-by-step instructions for seven different homemade robots.¬†Use Lego Mindstorm to create an automatic bulldozer; make a remote controlled, camera-mounted R/C car; even deploy your own working solar powered Mars lander from a model rocket. If you’ve already got the book, you can download the robot software to complete the projects.

How to Do Everything with Your Palm Handheld
A true best-seller, How to Do Everything with Your Palm Handheld is 600 pages of Palm goodness. This book covers pretty much everything, from how to get Word docs onto your Palm to playing games and surfing the Web. “Given that so many people use their PalmPilots as glorified address books, the tips Johnson and Broida supply are highly useful. How to Do Everything with Your Palm Handheld will show you how to make these popular devices the ultimate productivity tools.” –John Frederick Moore, from Amazon.com

The Ultimate Palm Robot
What do you do with an old PDA when you no longer need it to track your appointments or play Astro? Turn it into a robot, of course! If you wake up thinking “I wish I could tinker with my very own programmable, sensor-laden robot and do it all in my kitchen using leftover PDA parts,” then you might want to check out this book, which I wrote with my genius programmer buddy Kevin Mukhar. After all, what else are you going to do with your old Palm III or Handspring Visor? Make a fleet of robots to rule the world.

How to Do Everything with MP3 and Digital Music
How to Do Everything with MP3 and Digital Music is a top-to-bottom guide to mastering digital music like MP3s and WMAs… whether you’re a fan that just wants to listen to music or an artist that wants to create your own. I wrote this book with co-author Rick Broida with the intent of making it comprehensive, yet fun to read. To that end, I’ve included interviews with a few of my favorite bands (like Kristin Hersh, The Painkillers, and Peter Himmelman) and a wide assortment of the now-famous Dave vs. Rick Head-2-Head debates.

How to Use Digital Video
How to Use Digital Video is 242 pages of step-by-step lessons on how to use a camcorder, capture video, transfer it to the PC, and then edit it into a desktop masterpiece. The books also covers how to encode the movie for playback from CD-ROM, the Web, and multimedia presentations.