The Only Good Use For Snow

Like much of the US, we got hit with a massive winter storm here in the Pacific Northwest. It put our plans to visit Portland “on ice,” as it were, and made the whole Christmas vacation somewhat unusual. Keep in mind that in the five years we’ve lived here, we’ve gotten a total accumulation of perhaps 3 inches of snow, in total. Here are some stats that describe our storm experience this year:

  • 9 continuous days of snow
  • 2 feet of total accumulation
  • 5 hours without power on Christmas day
  • 9 days without Internet access
  • 1 broken snow shovel

I posted a few photos of the snowpocalypse on my Flickr page.

Evan and Marin made good use of the snow. Just a few days into the storm, when we only had a few inches of snow, they piled the snow from shoveling the driveway into a makeshift sledding hill. The pile got about 4 feet high, which they carefully contoured and buttressed. They even created snow steps to climb up to the top.

3 Responses to “The Only Good Use For Snow”

  1. Rick Says:

    Nice, except for the girlish scream there at the end.

  2. Rick Says:

    What IS it about Washington that a bit of snow kills the Internet? Get a real state, losers!

  3. Mark #2 Says:

    Damn that global warming!

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