Buy this book. Abraham Lincoln would have wanted it that way.

htde-camera5 Well, I’m pleased to announce that my latest book has hit the stores. I’ve revised How to Do Everything with Your Digital Camera to its glorious 5th edition. I should point out that Osborne McGraw-Hill has decided to drop the grammatical connective tissue "with your" from the title, so now, it’s apparently just called "How to Do Everything Digital Camera."

I’ve pointed out to anyone who cares to listen that revised book title now sounds like a self-help volume aimed not at digital camera owners, but instead at the digital cameras themselves, packed, perhaps, with advice on empowering these little electronic marvels to do anything they set their minds to. As if the titling editor was inspired by Phil Hartman’s classic "Let’s Fix, Robots" sketch.

Well, that’s neither here nor there. The book is available, and I’ve extensively updated it with all sorts of new information–it’s the biggest update this book has ever gotten. There’s now a chapter dedicated to Digital SLR owners, with advice on keeping the sensor clean. There are details about how to create hyper-realistic images with High Dynamic Range, infinite (or stacked) focus, false close-ups, and more. The file format chapter has been dramatically reworked to include the most up-to-date information on working with RAW images (as well as JPG and others). The book talks about managing photos in both Windows XP and Windows Vista. And, of course, many of the photo examples are new, including the entire color section in the middle of the book. You’ll still find essential information like understanding exposure, how to compose a photo and control lighting, as well as how to edit a photo on the PC. This book is ideal for beginner and intermediate photographers.

It is available at Amazon as well as your neighborhood book store. Go buy a copy for yourself, and get a few more for friends and neighbors. Remember: not only is this an awesome book for anyone new to digital photography, but buying enough copies might bring forth world peace, cure cancer, and summon magical unicorns that will fly us to work each day without the need for carbon-emitting automobiles.

Do you want to save the planet? Show it by buying my book.

2 Responses to “Buy this book. Abraham Lincoln would have wanted it that way.”

  1. Andi Says:

    I’ve got the 3rd edition, and it’s very good. It taught me alot about photography in general, plus how to use my Canon Powershot. I will get the new version.

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