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Peter Himmelman Comes to Town

Sunday, January 23rd, 2011

altWhat are you doing on Feb 8? Nothing interesting you say? Well, if you live in Seattle, then I’ve got a deal for you. I just discovered that one of my favorite musicians, Peter Himmelman, is playing at the Tractor. You should be there.

Peter is one of the greats. Whether playing solo or with his band, he is, I suppose, becoming one of the elder statesmen of the folk-rock tradition. You might not know Peter; he had a brush with mainstream airplay in the mid-90s, but to be honest, I got the impression that was never especially comfortable there. Nonetheless, some of his CDs from that time period (From Strength to Strength, Synesthesia, Skin) remain my favorite albums and ones I go back to time and again.

I’m jazzed that Peter is coming to town. If you want to experience some transcendent music, check out his show. See you there?