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House Concert, New Puppy Enjoyed by All

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

terriThere are definitely times when I feel luckier than I have any right to be. Like last weekend, when Terri Moeller, Paul Austin, and Jon Hyde played a house show in our living room as Terri’s new project, Terri Tarrantula.

At one point, Terri described the show as “Transmantula,” since the set list was a blending of new Terri Tarrantula and older Transmissionary Six material. Indeed, the show was an awesome combination of old and new, and a great primer on Terri’s work for those folks who had never heard her before. Here’s the set list, with the studio albums they came from for your potential purchasing pleasure:

1. Broker (Radar)terri2

2. Top of Your Lungs (Radar)

3. Bum Leg (Joe Pernice cover)

4. Mulligan (Terri Tarantula)

5. Paper Party Hat (Transmissionary Six)

6. Upside Down (Terri Tarantula)

7. Your Small Hands (Terri Tarantula)

8. Transmission Line (Radar)

9. Clay Man Down (Transmissionary Six)

10. Circus School Class of ‘73 (New, unreleased)

11. Happy Place (Sparklehorse cover)

12. Holiday Park (Get Down)

13. The Daredevil Way (Terri Tarantula)

14. Always Crashing in the Same Car (David Bowie cover)

15. Infrared (Radar)

16. Happy Landings (Get Down)

While we’re on the subject: If you’re looking for a good album to start with, I’d suggest Get Down – Paul Austin recently mentioned to me that it’s his personal favorite, and I’m hard pressed to disagree. After all, it has Happy Landings.


Here’s the version of Happy Landings which Terri performed to close the show:



Also somewhat unexpected: Our new family member Topher was a hit with both guests and band. And how could he not be? Topher remains the cutest little puppy, like, ever.

Thanks to everyone who came to the show, and thanks to Terri, Paul, and Jon for playing (and for introducing me to Joe Pernice, who is awesome).