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Don’t You Know Dignity When You See It?

Saturday, October 16th, 2010

Recently, I was headed to the grocery store and asked Marin if she needed anything. Here’s the shopping list she supplied:


Kristen Watching Kristin

Saturday, October 9th, 2010

KHcollageA few night ago, Kris and I were privileged to see Kristin Hersh perform a private concert – it was, in fact, the day after her book signing event at Elliot Bay Books in Capitol Hill. (You already bought a copy of Rat Girl, right?)

About 25 folks packed into an awesome little recording studio nestled in someone’s backyard in the Green Lake area. Kristin was charming and funny and amazing as usual, playing a set list that included all sorts of unexpected gems across the length of her career (City of the Dead, Devil’s Roof, Pearl, Hysterical Bendings, 37 Hours… and many more that I don’t remember because I have an atrocious memory).

You can see Kris in the audience shot on the left, above. kristin

So it’s clear how little original work I put into this post, let me point out that the Polaroids in that little collage were taken by Josh Umami (Great job, Josh – and thanks). And I didn’t even make up the title of this post; I got it from the subject line of an email from Paul Austin, who forwarded the photo to me the day after the show.

A heartfelt thanks to Paul, by the way, who invited Kris and me to the show.

Finally, I took this photo of Kristin on the right with my iPhone. Kris and I sat in the front row, so we were about 4 feet, at most, from Kristin. If you’re curious, that is unnervingly close.

It’s a chicken. Holding an ice cream cone.

Saturday, October 9th, 2010

chicken-logoThis post is long overdue. Earlier this summer, I took my family to Mount St Helens for the weekend, and along the way, we discovered what is almost certainly the most awesome thing in the universe. A restaurant  called The Chicken House and Ice Cream Store.

Why so awesome, you ask? I barely know where to begin. Let me try to cover the most salient points in a numbered list.


  1. The place is called The Chicken House and Ice Cream Store. Just let that name roll around in your head for a while. Honestly, can you think of a better name for anything?
  2. Look at the logo. It’s a chicken. Holding an ice cream cone. I love everything about this logo. The bright, brain-melting colors. The conceit of a chicken grasping an ice cream cone. The expression on the chicken’s face.  It’s graphic design perfection. (Perhaps The Gap could take a lesson from these folks.)
  3. The restaurant itself is apparently a converted Dairy Queen, and they sell all the usual trappings of a fast food joint, only they’ve renamed everything. They make DQ Blizzards, for example, but they’re called Hurricanes.

chicken-signHow does the food taste? I have no idea. We didn’t eat a meal there*. To wonder what the food tastes like is to miss the point. Please refer back to #1: It’s a chicken. Holding an ice cream cone.

*Actually, I am not being completely honest. We did get ice cream. And it was pretty darned good – they stuffed it with a lot more mix-in than I am used to getting at DQ, so I loved my snack.

I love telling people about this place – the logo is my iPhone’s lock screen, and I have whipped it out to emphasize that it’s a chicken holding an  ice cream cone to virtually everyone I’ve met in the last 3 months, from my boss to my various editors to friends, family, and even Kristin Hersh when she was in town for a book signing the other night. The world must know.

Welcome, Topher

Sunday, October 3rd, 2010

Meet Topher, our newest family member.

IMG_0195 RAW_0006

IMG_0191 IMG_0372

The other day at work, I mentioned I had a new dog. At least three different people independently asked me, “What Firefly character did you name him after?” The conversation went almost identically in each case:

“He’s not named after anyone from Firefly.”

“What Buffy character?”

“Not Buffy either. I mean, sheesh!”

“Okay, what’s his name?”


“That’s an unusual name. Where did you get it from?”

”We named him after a character from Dollhouse.”