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Another Dog-Dangling Saturday Afternoon

Saturday, October 25th, 2008

I’m not sure why, but our dogs have never felt they should be bounded by human conventions like yards and fences. So a few years ago, we added an invisible fence to keep the dogs back from the actual fence, and that generally works pretty well.

There are some caveats, though. Our late Husky, Tumanna, tested the perimeter like a canine velociraptor, constantly pinging her collar to get a sense of when the batteries were dying. That way she’d know the fence was “down” before her human counterparts, and she could dash off for a neighborhood jaunt before we could refresh her collar.

These days, we have a different problem. Wash, who was recently voted the most adorable doggie of all time, has decided that the somewhat bulbous electric fence collars are awesome chew toys. So while Trance sits nonchalantly in the middle of the yard, Wash stands nearby, grinding away on the collar. He’s completely destroyed more than one of these $75 gadgets this way.

After the first time Wash tried this—and popped the battery out in the process, I thought that encasing the collar in duct tape might help protect it. Well, not exactly. That was like dousing it in kitten sauce. He didn’t stop until you could see what looks like a Heathkit Crystal Radio Kit inside the ruptured shell.


This is what the collar looked like before Wash decided it was yummy.



And this is what the duct-tape encased collar looked like after we rescued it from Wash’s teeth.


The current collar is wound in electrical tape. Maybe that’s less delicious than duct tape. All I know is that cats are not this troublesome.