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Editors: Money Well Spent

Sunday, September 7th, 2008

Last weekend we found ourselves in Spokane, where we partook of a slice of Americana: a fast food restaurant Which I’d previously never heard of, Zip’s. On my Zip’s beverage cup, I discovered they were apparently proud of something. But what?

cup Since 53… feet? What does that even mean? Did they intend to say that the establishment has been around since 1953? You know, “Since ‘53?” According to Wikipedia, yes… that would be what they were trying to say.

Good grief, guys, since 53’? Really? That’s an epic fail of the same magnitude as Spinal Tap’s Stonehenge. At least they could claim the rock and roll lifestyle as an excuse. That, and the fact that they’re fictional.

How many cups did you print?

I bet the $75 it would have cost you to get an editor to proofread this thing is looking like a better investment now. Though admittedly, any 5th grader probably could have done that for free.

Update: Incidentally, here is another case where $75 for a copy editor would have gone a long way.