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Dell Watch: Apparently they hate their customers

Sunday, April 20th, 2008

image The saga continues. It has now been 5 months since I ordered a Dell XPS 720, and the system suffers frequent unexplained bluescreen crashes. I’ve talked to uncountable tech support techs. I still don’t have a working computer.

Since the last time I described my problems with my order, Dell told me they could not exchange my system for a different model; they would only swap it out for the exact same specifications. So they sent me another XPS 720, which I decided to set up in the most scientific manner possible. I created an Excel spreadsheet and logged every single thing I did to the system. I noted every app I installed or removed; when I rebooted; when I changed the screen resolution; when I installed a peripheral. I discovered that my first bluescreen was a mere 5 hours after unboxing the system, and I had done nothing more complex than uninstalling crapware and installing Microsoft Office 2007. As time went on, I noted the bluescreen error code of every failure.

Want to see the details? You can grab my spreadsheet and read it for yourself.

After the first bluescreen, I called Dell XPS support, and the tech promised, after investigating my issue, that he’s escalate my problem to level 3 tech support and I’d get a call back within 48 hours. That call, of course, never came. I waited a few days and tried again. A second time, I called and let the level 1 tech tell me how easily he would solve my problem with some inane solution like running the hard disk error check utility, and eventually he agreed to upgrade me to level 3 support–with that mythical call back after 48 hours.

No call came. Lather, rinse, repeat–I’ve called Dell four times now, and four times I’ve been promised a call back with level 3 support, and each time I am glad I didn’t cancel any special dinner plans to wait by the phone, because I’ve never gotten any kind of call back.

So after 5 months, what am I to do? I am genuinely stumped. Dell apparently has no "customer advocacy" department designed to solve problems like mine. They won’t call back. They don’t give a shit. Keep in mind that I spent over $3000 on this system.